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Dr. Stelios Rozakis


Phone.: 00 48 516 203 533

Phone.: 00 48 81 4786 896


Agricultural economics, operational research, policy analysis, bioenergy, mathematical programming


2000      Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics entitled “Biomass as a renewable energy source and an alternative use of land: A socio-economic approach”, Agricultural University of Athens,

1991      Master’s of Public Affairs (M.P.A.) in Public and Environmental Policy Analysis, Energy policy, Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs

1989      D.E.A. in Sociology, “Technical Innovation and Social Change”,  University of Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne, Department of Philosophy

1988      D.E.S.S. “Evaluation of Projects and Industrial Development”, University of Paris I, Institute of Economic and Social Development Studies (IEDES)

1986      Bachelor in Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business, Dept of Economics

Scholarship – awards

1997-2000    Marie-Curie Fellowship Training and Mobility Research Program, DG for Science, Research and Development, European Commission

1991      Burham Foundation Grant for research work in the East-West Center

1990      Indiana University Scholarship, International Student Services

Work experience

2016 – Associate Professor “Operations Research in Agriculture and Energy”, School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete

Profesor nadzwyczajny „Badania operacyjne w Rolnictwie i Energii„ Szkoła Inżynierii Środowiska Politechniki Kreteńskiej

2010 – 2015 Associate Professor “Operations Research in Agriculture and Energy”, Department of Agricultural Economics and Development, Agricultural University of Athens

2004- 2010   Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Agribusiness Management, Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Agricultural University of Athens

2002-2004          Senior Research Fellow, National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), Unité Mixte de Recherche:Economie Publique, France

2001      Research fellow (Marie-Curie grant), Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh)

1997-2000           Research fellow in the National Institute of Agricultural Research, France, Training and Mobility Research Program – European Commission


List of publications

  1. Kampas, A., S.Rozakis, On the scarcity value of irrigation water: Juxtaposing two market estimation approaches, Water Resources Management, 31 (4)¨1257-1269
  2. Escobar, N., Manrique-de-Lara-Peñate, C., Sanjuán, N., Clemente, G., Rozakis, S., 2016. An agro-industrial model for the optimization of biodiesel production in Spain to meet the European GHG reduction targets, Energy 120: 619-631
  3. Cartalos, O., Rozakis, S., Tsiouki, D., 2016. A method to assess and support exploitation projects of university researchers, Journal of Technology Transfer Article in Press.
  4. Carayannis, E.G., Rozakis, S., Grigoroudis, E., 2016. Agri-science to agri-business: the technology transfer dimension, Journal of Technology Transfer, pp. 1-7. Article in Press.
  5. Drivas, K., Panagopoulos, A., Rozakis, S., 2016. Instigating entrepreneurship to a university in an adverse entrepreneurial landscape, Journal of Technology Transfer, Article in Press.
  6. Drivas K., A.T.Balafoutis, S. Rozakis, 2016. Research funding and academic output: evidence from the Agricultural University of Athens, Prometheus (United Kingdom): 1-22
  7. Bartoli, A., Cavicchioli, D., Kremmydas, D., Rozakis, S., Olper, A. 2016. The impact of different energy policy options on feedstock price and land demand for maize silage: The case of biogas in Lombardy, Energy Policy, 96, pp. 351-363.
  8. Petsakos, S. Rozakis, 2015. Calibration of agricultural risk programming models, European Journal of Operational Research 242: 536-545
  9. Georgiou, D., Mohammed, E.S., Rozakis, S., 2015. Multi-criteria decision making on the energy supply configuration of autonomous desalination units, Renewable Energy 75: 459-467
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  15. Stelios Rozakis, 2011. Positive multicriteria models in agriculture for energy and environmental policy analysis, J. Multicriteria Decision Making 1(3): 321-337
  16. Stelios Rozakis, 2011. Impacts of flatter rates and environmental top-ups in Greece: A novel mathematical modeling approach, Agricultural Economics Review 12(2 ): 30-39
  17. Kyriakarakos, G., Dounis, A.I., Rozakis, S., Arvanitis, K.G., Papadakis, G., 2011. Polygeneration microgrids: A viable solution in remote areas for supplying power, potable water and hydrogen as transportation fuel, Applied Energy 88: 4517-4526
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Chapters in books and collective publications

  1. Rozakis S., 2010. A Web-based Spatial DSS for estimating biomass-to-energy supply in Thessaly, in Decision Support Systems in Agriculture, Food and the Environment, (eds. Manos et al.) IGI Global: 450-465
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