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Dr. Robert Borek


Phone.: 00 48 691 073 896


Cliamte change adaptation in agriculture, integrated farming systems, agroforestry, woodlands, agroecology, European Innovation Partnership, EU Common Agricultural Policy,  GHG emission from agriculture, crops growth modelling


2002 – M. Sc. in Agronomy (specialisation – environmental protection; University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Lublin, Poland

2008 – PhD in Agronomy, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute

2010 – UE Project Management, research and work development (postgraduate study for researchers), Higher School of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

Activities in international scientific societes

2014 – European Agroforestry Association National Delegate and Executive Committee member

Work experience

2008 – 2015 senior researcher at Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation –State Research Institute, Department of Agrometeorology and Applied Informatics, Czartoryskich 8, 24-100 Puławy,

2015 – assistant professor at Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation –State Research Institute, Department of Bioeconomy and Systems Analysis

Research and professional experience

2011/2012 –Visiting Fellow at Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Udine (Italy)

2012 –Visiting Fellow at Department of Agroecology, Research Centre in Foulum, Aarhus University (Denmark)

2013 Visiting Fellow at Soil Science of Temperate Ecosystems Department at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany)

Other activities

2015 – Chair of Polish Agroforestry Association (OSA)

Selected publications

Gosme M., Amaral P., Borek R.  et al. […]. 2016. Proceedings of the 3rd European Agroforestry Conference 2016. Montpellier, 23-25 May 2016.

Mohammadi A., Rafiee S., Jafari A., Keyhani A., Dalgaard T., Knudsen M.T., Nguyen T.L.T., Borek R., Hermansen J.E., 2015. Joint Life Cycle Assessment and Data Envelopment Analysis for the benchmarking of environmental impacts in rice paddy production. Journal of Cleaner Production, 106:521-532. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2014.05.008

Borek R. 2015. Agroforestry systems in Poland. A preliminary identification. Papers on Global Change, 22, 37-51.

Woch F., Borek R. 2015. The role of management of the field-forest boundary in Poland’s process of agricultural restructuring. Papers on Global Change, 22, 83-100.

Borzęcka-Walker M., Borek R., Faber A., Pudełko R., Kozyra J., Syp A., Matyka M. 2013 Carbon and nitrogen balances in soil under SRC willow using the DNDC model Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment Vol.11 (3&4):1920-1925

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