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dr Seyyed Hassan Pishgar-Komleh



Tel.: 00 48 693739640


Life Cycle Assessment, Systems Analysis, Multi-criteria Decision Making, Modeling and Optimization (mathematical and metaheuristic), Artificial Neural Networks, Energy Analysis in Agriculture, Agricultural economics


2012-2017 – Ph.D. at University of Tehran entitled “Life Cycle Assessment of Tomato Paste and Optimization of Tomato Production with Applying Multi-objective Optimization”, Energy & Environment in Agriculture

2009-2011 – M.Sc. at University of Tehran, Agricultural Mechanization

2005-2009 – B.Sc. at University of Tehran, Agricultural Mechanization

Doświadczenie zawodowe

2018 – Coordinator of international course entitled “Rice Mechanization Course: Basic and General Concepts”

2018 – 4 months working at Central and West Asian Rice Center (CWARice) as a researcher

2015-2016 – 12 months working at Environmental Science Department of Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands as a guest researcher


2016 – 9 months full scholarship grant for research work from Elite Foundation of Iran

2016 – 9 months full scholarship grant for research work from Science Ministry of Iran

2012 – The first rank in PhD entrance exam

Lista publikacji

  1. S.H. Pishgar-Komleh, A. Akram, A. Keyhani, P.M.F Elshout, M.A.J. Huijbregts, R. van Zelm (2017) Variability in the Carbon Footprint of Open-Field Tomato Production in Iran (A Case Study in Alborz and East-Azerbaijan Provinces). Journal of Cleaner Production 142:1510-1517.
  2. S.H. Pishgar-Komleh, A. Akram, A. Keyhani, R. vanZelm (2017) Life cycle energy use, costs, and greenhouse gas emission of broiler farms in different production systems in Iran— a case study of Alborz province. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 24(19):16041-16049.
  3. S.H. Pishgar-Komleh, A. Akram (2017) Evaluation of wind energy potential for different turbine models based on the wind speed data of Zabol region, Iran. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 22:34-40.
  4. P. Sefeedpari, S. Rafiee, A. Akram, K. Chau, S.H. Pishgar-Komleh (2016) Prophesying egg production based on energy consumption using multi-layered adaptive neural fuzzy inference system approach. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 131:10-19.
  5. P. Sefeedpari, S. Rafiee, A. Akram, K Chau, S H Pishgar Komleh (2015) Modeling energy use in dairy cattle farms by applying multi-layered adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (MLANFIS). International Journal of Dairy Science 10:173-185.
  6. S.H. Pishgar-Komleh, A. Akram, P. Sefeedpari (2015) Wind speed and power density analysis based on Weibull and Rayleigh distributions (a case study: Firouzkooh county of Iran). Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 42:313-322.
  7. P. Sefeedpari, S. Rafiee, A. Akram, S.H. Pishgar-Komleh (2014) Modeling output energy based on fossil fuels and electricity energy consumption on dairy farms of Iran: Application of adaptive neural-fuzzy inference system technique. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 109:80-85.
  8. S.H. Pishgar Komleh, M. Omid, M.D. Heidari (2013) On the study of energy use and GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions in greenhouse cucumber production in Yazd province. Energy 59:63-71.
  9. P. Sefeedpari, M. Ghahderijani, S.H. Pishgar-Komleh (2013) Assessment the effect of wheat farm sizes on energy consumption and CO2 emission. J. Renewable Sustainable Energy 5, 023131
  10. S.H. Pishgar-Komleh, A. Keyhani, M.R. Mostofi-Sarkari, A. Jafari (2012) Energy and economic analysis of different seed corn harvesting systems in Iran. Energy 43:469-476.
  11. S.H. Pishgar-Komleh, M. Ghahderijani, P. Sefeedpari (2012) Energy consumption and CO2 emissions analysis of potato production based on different farm size levels in Iran. Journal of Cleaner Production 33:183-191.
  12. S.H. Pishgar-Komleh, P. Sefeedpari, M. Ghahderijani (2012) Exploring energy consumption and CO2 emission of cotton production in Iran. J. Renewable Sustainable Energy 4, 033115.
  13. P. Sefeedpari, S. Rafiee, S.H. Pishgar-Komleh, M. Ghahderijani (2012) A source-wise and operation-wise energy use analysis for corn silage production, a case study of Tehran province, Iran. International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment 1:158-166.
  14. S.H. Pishgar-Komleh, P. Sefeedpari, S. Rafiee (2011) Energy use and economic analysis of rice production under different farm levels in Guilan province of Iran. Energy 36:5824-5831.
  15. S.H. Pishgar Komleh, A. Keyhani, Sh. Rafiee, P. Sefeedpary (2011) Energy use and economic analysis of corn silage production under three cultivated area levels in Tehran province of Iran. Energy 36:3335-3341.
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